Beauty has been said to be a mixture of many qualities such as color, proportions and forms, which we like to see.In reality, beauty does not exist, it depends only on eye of the beholder.

According to some people, beauty means looking good and being comfortable in your skin and appraising yourself. And to many people, beauty means having confidence in oneself whether it is about clothes or good makeup. And many people also consider is as a power. One who can understand beauty can get happiness from the surroundings and enjoy each and every aspect of life.

Experiencing beauty means as if you are having visa to your life to earn knowledge and experiencing everything in your life and also from the nature. It only gives positive aspect of life. Due to beauty, there is a good feeling in our mind and our behavior becomes better towards others. A person who can see beauty enjoy looking at the wonderful mountains, rivers, forests, rain and all other things which gives pleasure to its mind. This makes him feel good and always have positivity in his life. Also he sees well in everything and this makes him honest, generous and helpful to others when they are in need. There is no other thing more pleasant and beautiful than nature. Nature is the most beautiful than any other thing as it makes our mind more pleasant and peaceful. We can also regain beauty by admiring our nature.


Some important questions related to Beauty….

Does Beauty relate to power?                    

Yes, we can relate beauty to power as it gives us strength to gain confidence in the real world. A person who sees beauty in others can not only live peacefully but also experience in getting positive vibes from others.

What is human Beauty?

According to some person human beauty is related to the quality of skin they have, and they care for it by doing some exercise or by using some products for improving their skin.

Is beauty important in your life?

Beauty is important to our life as it gives sense of pleasure to us which change our behavior in respect of others. As when we look a beautiful flower, having pleasant smell not only make us feel good but also make us feel happy experiencing its beauty.

Is Beauty and wellness same?

Beauty is the appearance of our face i.e. how we visually represent ourselves. But wellness totally reflect to our health i.e. how our body is responding to daily activities & what do we do to keep our body healthy.

What are the qualities for person to be beautiful?

People who are kind, generous, helpful, honest, who respect others, positive in every aspect and one who help others when they are in need.

Is beautiful face more important than beautiful heart?

face is not as important as having a beautiful heart as having a beautiful heart means you are not cruel but some people having beautiful face can make them feel jealous of other for having beautiful skin.


Beauty Tips !


Tips for Flawless & Beautiful Skin

* Avoid Eating too much oily foods

* Drink plenty of Water.

* Exercise daily for better blood circulation.

* Do meditation for atleast 1 hour.

* Have proper sleeping schedule.

* Eat healthy food.

* Enjoy beautiful nature around you.


Tips for Beautiful Hair

* Use Natural Products for washing hair.

* Nourish hair with hair oil dailyBeautiful

* Do not use chemical for hair growth.

* Use onion oil for hair growth.

* Eat healthy diet which has Vitamin C and Vitamin D.





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