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Fashion means an ongoing trend. We can also relate it to the dressing sense of the people so that they look stylish. Fashion changes with time very fast. It can be seen in the difference between the dressing sense of the earlier people and today’s generation. Fashion just cannot be related in terms of clothing only it can also be seen in the lifestyle of a person, as house, furniture, car and all other items in daily needs.

Fashion can be related to the atmosphere of the location also. As in cold area people wear full clothes to keep themselves warm whereas in sunny area they were thin clothes. It is a way to look attractive.
Fashion changes from one place to another but it plays a crucial role in our society so we can say that fashion rules the world.

The fashion industry also contributes to our society by trying us to express ourselves, our new creativity and what we believe in the world. Fashion can be related to individual thinking as how he likes to dress which reveals his inner personality.

Some People follow fashion because they are more passionate about clothes as it makes them happy For some shopping is stressful but for some it is to follow the latest trends in the society so that they get adjusted by the community or moreover they also do not want to feel that they are inferior and left out.

Some people are confused over Style and fashion but both are totally different. Style is related to single person and fashion is for collective. Style is what that belongs to an individual and this represents his self-expression about the modern society whereas fashion relates to what current trend is followed by people in the society.

Fashion plays an important role in our life as when we are going to office or any other work we often wear formals while in party or other occasion we were nice and trendy clothes which makes us look appealing.

Earlier people don’t make out with the current trends of fashion as they were out of reach but today in the modern world due to increased technology even people living in village also get knowledge of nowadays fashion by visiting many sites such as jabbong, flipkart, myntra, snapdeal etc. Nowadays people can get the latest fashion dress by ordering online through various websites, and they deliver to almost every part of country. This makes easy to know about dresses used nowadays and can order at their address.

Also, people come to know of various trending fashion by watching movies. The actor and actresses wear trending clothes and people are very much affectionate by their dress, and they also get similar dress like them.

On a large scale, fashion can be said to very important because it represents our life history and this also helps to tell the story of our world.

One of the Social Disadvantages of Fashion is that when people follow it Blindly, it will lead you to false pretence or modify facts to defraud others. This fashion can tend to spread chaos in our society and create a threat to our peaceful existence.