Oranges are citrus fruit. They are known by various names in our country. It is also known as “Kinnu”. They contain highly nutrient which are good for a person body and moreover oranges are of low calorie. Oranges are also used for getting clear and flawless skin.

Oranges mainly has Vitamin C which reduces inflammation and help to recover from certain diseases as it also has antioxidants. It also helps to maintain blood pressure as oranges contain no sodium so it can boost potassium intake of a person by drinking one cup of orange juice daily. Oranges reduces the risk of stroke and high blood pressure.

Orange contains fiber which is also beneficial for heart. It is also beneficial for diabetes as it maintain glucose in the body and help in the type 2 diabetes problem. Oranges are good for skin also as it improves strength of skin and also helps in healing the wound of the skin.

Getting proper vitamin c through oranges can improve the appearance of the person and removes the roughness of the skin. It also helps to decrease the wrinkles on the face. Eating one orange daily can fulfill our need of potassium, carbohydrate, protein and sugar in your body.

Oranges also have sufficient amount of  choline and zeaxanthin. Choline helps in learning and movement of muscle. It also helps to improve our memory and get good sleep. Zexanthin reduces inflammation as it is antioxidant and helps heart, skin and liver to work properly.

Some benefits of eating oranges daily

It is rich in Vitamin C
Vitamin C can easily be obtained by orange as it is rich in Vitamin C. This Vitamin is used to improve our immunity system and also reduces the risk of cancer.

Help to improve immune system
It is good for a healthy immune system of our body that helps us from cold and infections.

Prevents skin from getting damage
Orange has antioxidants property in them and it help to protect the skin and reducing the aging effect of people. It makes the skin to glow even at old age.

Maintain blood pressure
Orange support the production of hemoglobin and as it is rich in magnesium, it maintains blood pressure of a body.

Reduces the cholesterol
Oranges contain fiber and this fiber helps to control blood sugar under control in our body.

Reduces the risk of cancer
Oranges contain some compound which helps in fighting against cell that cause cancer. Oranges help to build immunity in our body.

Healthy Eye Sight
Oranges are rich in carotenoid. This helps to make the mucus membranes work properly and by this one can get healthy eyesight.

Helps in alkalizing the body
Oranges have alkaline minerals in them which are used in the digestion process. So consuming oranges daily can help in the digestion process also.

Helps in constipation problems
As Oranges are rich in fiber which is good for our intestines. It is also used for smooth functioning of our stomach and helps us from getting bowel syndrome. Fiber in oranges helps to solve constipation problems.











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